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NOTE: This is an audiobook! Bruno Kramm (DAS ICH) unveils a fascinating facet of his artistic work. Embedded in dystopian soundscapes that fluctuate between modular sound synthesis and orchestral cacophony, this audiobook contains short stories from various creative periods of the artist. "8 Oscillations from the Latent Space" are short stories, written by Kramm for Zillo magazine. They reflect his unique perspective on dystopian, Lovecraftian episodes. "7 Nightmares from a random Forest" emerged during the time of Covid pandemic.

These nightmarish scenarios, have now been condensed with sound experiments of modern character, marking Kramm's current artistic phase. "Die Schöpfung" ("The Creation"), the only German-language short story in the collection, offers a unique perspective: it narrates the creation story from the point of view of a machine recognizing its creator in humans. All stories share a dystopian character, exploring themes from solipsism and quantum-philosophical considerations of the creation of reality through a collective consciousness to the realization of being part of a simulation of a universe. According to Kramm, these stories are particularly suited for sleepless nights, when the boundaries between reality and fiction seem to blur, and the world around us becomes mysteriously alive.

Released Mid December 2023 by Danse Macabre.

Tracks Listing:
01. Die Schöpfung
02. The Girl And The Guardians
03. Tribe Of Strings
04. Microbeasts
05. Heart Of The Forest
06. Cast The Spell For A Song
07. Sanctum Of Silence
08. Future Home
09. Cycle Of The Silent Creator
10. Realm Of Shadows And Celestial Lights
11. Echoes In The Machine's Lament
12. Whispers Of Numbers
13. Empathy's Abyss
14. Bubblegum Eternity
15. Kingdom Of Alloy
16. Trancendent Broadcast

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