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KARL KAVE is the alias of CARLO ONDA, Swiss musician/producer based in St. Gallen, with a long-standing soft spot for synths and drum machines, and frankly influenced by the Post-Punk, Minimal-Wave and Dark Wave of the 80’s

Karl Kave's “Doomsday” - at the first glance - might seem as a reaction of the steady flow of bad news we're confronted with. But on a closer listen, the album is a semifictional tale filled with white horses, abandoned castles and people… “Doomsday” describes a certain feeling of fear paired with hope. Fear of loss and hope for renewal. A poetic piece of hauntosonoric armageddon.

Released 2022 by Young & Cold Records 

Tracks Listing:
A1 Oh Moon, my Man [03:43] 
A2 Doomsday's coming [03:33] 
A3 Ghosts [04:03]
A4 Weisse Rösser [03:38]
B1 Hüt Nüme Ah [04:19] 
B2 Oh Kolibri [03:23] 
B3 Lord of Pain [03:33] 
B4 Atomlabor [04:03]

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