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Kholodniy Zvonok: OGNI (LIMITED) CD


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What’s this!? So called Russian / Soviet Wave? This album actually includes a wide range of underground music - from gloomy guitar Post-Punk to pure electronic Cold Wave and Synth-Pop. Indeed, recently in Russia and the countries of the ex-USSR, a large number of projects have appeared, that perform dark and melancholic music and some of them have already achieved great success –also across the Russian borders! And Razgrom for long wanted to sign a domestic music project, that would sound at the same time relevant, intelligent, melodic and atmospheric (but that would also fit into the overall “conception” of the label).

So here we go: We welcome Mikhail Shcherbakov's one-man project from Moscow. The band’s Russian name translates as COLD CALL. And indeed, in their sound the mid-tempo Cold Wave naturally coexists with pensive Synth-Pop and the sounds of drum-machines with stingy guitars. Mikhail's melancholic, and at the same time mild and warm vocals give the music of KHOLODNY ZVONOK the necessary conceptual completeness. This harmonious, but minimalistic post-gothic/ electro-synth sound and the mature emotions are two of the main distinguishing qualities of the project. The sound of this band will definitely be interesting not only for fans of Soviet-Wave (and projects like MOLCHAT DOMA, PLOHO, BUERAK, GIANT WAVES, MOTORAMA, etc.), but also for fans of melodic and intelligent Synth-Pop / Cold Wave with a “bitter taste” of the 80s. The first CD-release of KHOLODNY ZVONOK for the international music market is this compilation «Огни» ("Lights"), which includes most of the tracks from previously released digital and ultra-limited CD-R releases.

It will be available in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies!

Check out the Tracks:
‘Ogni’ (Fires) >>>
‘Drug’ (Friend) >>>
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Released Late April 2021 by Razgrom Music.

Track Listing:
01. Огни [Lights]  
02. Механизм [Mechanism]  
03. Друг [Friend]  
04. Рабочий Класс [Working Class]
05. Плач [Cry]  
06. Это Не Я [It's not Me]  
07. Дела [Affairs]  
08. Маленькая Смерть [Little Death]
09. Не Будет Врать [Won't lie]  
10. Строй [Line]  
11. Убит Дождём [Killed by the Rain]  
12. Дом [House]
13. Не Туда [Not there]  
14. Дорога, Шум и Я [Road, Noise and Me]  
15. Лица [Faces]
16. Наваждение [Obsession]  
17. До Весны [Until Spring]  
18. Вот И Всё [That's All]

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