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Kiberspassk: SMORDINA CD


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From Dark Electro to Industrial Metal. This is how the sound and style of the Kiberspassk band evolved to the release of the second album, which is called “Smorodina”. Electronic aggression and Siberian throat singing are reinforced by guitar riffs in the style of Pain and Disturbed, and the vocal parts become more vivid and dominant. The new album again brings us back to Slavic fairy tales and characters of Slavic mythology, but the anti-war, anti-militarist theme sounds like a special manifesto here, presented in such songs as “Daleko” and “Golubka”.
The new Kiberspassk album is an industrial grotesque based on Slavic folklore, aggressive in its expression, lyrics and sound. This is our personal mirror of the World around us.

Released Late January 2023 by Out Of Line

Tracks Listing:
01. Koza Rogataia
02. Smordina
03. Golytba
04. Viy
05. Po Poly
06. Daleko
07. Morozko
08. Romance
09. Golubka
10. Ivan Durak

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