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Kojoohar x Kodzid Goo: DOTLA CD


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'Dotla' manifests angst industrial sound consecrated with occasional samples from the founding fathers of the genre, and features heavy lyrics spiked with solemn images and numerous literary references. It's a dark, dystopic angst pop with deep aesthetic lyrics and unrelenting vocals by Ködzid Goo and Nož Nad Lesam. «Delivered in a blank monotone, devoid of any emotion and humanity, it sits well with the stark, mechanoid instrumentation that thumps and grinds low-end bass throbs welded to dead-hearted beats, overlaid with icy synths», touching upon the subject of self-immolation, leading to nowhere, dissolving into nothingness. However, it's not about self-destruction or self-eradication, but rather about some kind of decomposition for further rebirth. It «reminds us that we’re all on the outside, all alone, and all doomed».

'Kojoohar' is an accidental one man project from southern Ukraine, weaving tarry audio cocoons from pulsatile cartilage of obsessive-compulsive ambient industrial and slimy flaps of post-fleg-matique noisewave, invoking analog and digital miasma of pocket devices, paralyzing entropia of modular synths and beatific dyslexy of reverently crafted samples, all concrescent in acataleptic mantrae heralding the impending serenity of inner void.

'Ködzid Goo' is an experimental project, rising from the northern Komi lands (Russia). Conceived as a way to wind the scraps of chaotic thoughts over monotonous beats, over time it grew into something more conscious, with a core of unhealthy self-reflection, self-digging and self-burying, just to torment own flesh with a touching knife.

Released Mid February 2021 by Ant-Zen.

Track Listing:
01. Kopi  
02. Sulema  
03. Omut  
04. Burelom  
05. Ghar  
06. Dushno ft. Nož Nad Lesam
07. Typh  
08. Plot  
09. Spazm  
10. Polyn

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