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Razgrom has long collaborated with the label Plonk from Sweden, an outpost of the old-school and minimalist electro sound, which ideologically and stylistically is close to the great heritage of the pioneers of electronic music KRAFTWERK.

After a series of CD-releases of compilations ["We are Machine Pop"] and projects such as DATAPOP, MASCHINE BRENNT, UNISONLAB & SECTOR ONE, it's time for KOSMONAUTE!

Regular member of "We are Machine Pop" samplers, this one-man project by Swedish producer and songwriter Jörgen Fredrikssen-Svanhvit has never been released on physical media before, but this gap has now been closed with the release of his first CD!

"Electromagnetic Fields".is KOSMONAUTE's second album, made available as special Deluxe edition in all new artwork (to the digitial version) and not less than SIX bonus tracks (including the best songs from the first album "Robotic Love").

KOSMONAUTE’s music is classic vintage “Düsseldorf-electronic” sound with atmospheres of cold minimalism and imperturbable robotic vocoders. Fans of the classic KRAFTWERK sound, as well as projects such as DEUTSCHE BANK, METROLAND, OIL 10, DATAPOP, MASCHINE BRENT will definitely not be disappointed.
Released Mid January 2021 by Razgrom Music.
Track Listing:
01. Electromagnetic Fields 
02. Musique Delectronique 
03. D.N.A. 
04. Zeit Und Raum
05. Morse Code 
06. I Am The Machine 
07. Mechanical People 
08. Transistor 
09. Circuit Life
10. Computer Music
Bonus Tracks: 
11. Robotic Love (2017 Version)  
12. 1-0-1-0-0 Correct  
13. Life In Binary
14. Du Meine Stimme  
15. Chromium  
16. 1-0-1-0-0 Correct (Lo-Fi Electronic Remix)

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