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February 26, 2013 sees the release of KUNST, the latest offering from KMFDM, the purveyors of The Ultra Heavy Beat. “KUNST” is German for “ART”, fitting for a band that has spent three decades conceptualizing its own brand of art war against the establishment. KUNST is bombastic musical graffiti, showing the band making another indelible mark on the walls of society.Sascha, Lucia, Jules, Andy & Steve kick things off with the snarky title track, instant payoff for long-term fans and newbies alike, then delve into freakadelic mayhem, seamlessly blending their anarchic signature sound / themes with elements of punk, industrial and EBM. KUNST is the passageway into the very abyss, the unknown depth of a staple we took for granted over the years, commonly known as KMFDM. Relentlessly pouncing headlong into tracks named "AVE MARIA", "QUAKE", and, as a show of solidarity for the jailed Russian punk band, "PUSSY RIOT", KMFDM expose the underbelly of societies" shortcomings, tracks such as "HELLO", "PSEUDOCIDE", "ANIMAL OUT" and "I Contributions by Swedish cult band MORLOCKS and LEGION WITHIN"s William Wilson add further fuel to this fury, THE MESS YOU MADE and NEXT BIG THING are rock-solid statements against the eroding forces that leave no rock unturned in the effort of undermining our societies, yet stalwartly we stand united, counting down the days until February 26, 2013!Released February 26th, 2013 on Metropolis Records.Track Listing:01. KUNST02. AVE MARIA03. QUAKE04. HELLO05. NEXT BIG THING06. PUSSY RIOT07. PSEUDOCIDE08. ANIMAL OUT09. THE MESS YOU MADE10. I HEART NOT

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