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Keef Baker: REDEYE CD

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Living in Leeds/UK, Keith "Keef" Baker has been writing music under various names since "89. Starting out in death metal bands and moving into indie and jazz, Keef became a session bassist and also a computer game musician. Over the years, he learned to play various instruments including bass, keyboard, guitar, drums, mandolin, sitar and double bass. However he rediscovered music through bands such as SKINNY PUPPY, TEST DEPT. and AUTECHRE in the early to mid-90s which was when his attention turned to more electronic music. Through the years this music has mutated into a cross breed of influences. In his own words, the "Keef Baker" project started as a cross between Gridlock, Somatic Responses, Venetian Snares and the "tri repetae" period of Autechre: "I have expanded (these influences) to include a lot more including dub, jazz, bits of metal, funk, post-rock, straight drum & bass, indie-rock and the like." The uniqueness of Keef"s musical talent can be described in mixing the above mentioned influences without breaks within one single track. Melodic idm, breakcore effect usage and sampling weirdness endorse each other, the changing of rhythms totally make sense, the different moods keep the listener in a permanent state of positive tension. A perfect symbiosis of electronic and acoustic instruments ("tombola thrill killer" with its embedded electric bass might be an example). Production quality is stunning: Clear, powerful and transparent.Released late February, 2007 on Hymen Records.

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