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It is with their strong live shows, a bunch of ear-catching compilation appearances and some astounding remix work that KANT KINO managed to create a shockwave on the EBM scene! The wait is now over and Alfa Matrix’s new Norwegian discovery is ready to deliver their debut album, “We are Kant Kino – You are not” straight to your sound system...Named after a Simple Minds tune and a Berlin theatre, KANT KINO paint soundscapes based on interpretations of observed themes in everyday life, from philosophy to reality, from happiness to disaster. The Norwegian duo find their inspiration in old-school EBM and acknowledge influences from FRONT 242, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, LEAETHER STRIP, SKINNY PUPPY or yet BORGHESIA andà;GRUMH... KANT KINO also inject the distorted force of the 90"s dark elektro genre and the club appeal of the 21st century Techno Body Music movement into their strong 80"s EBM roots to render dark body music with distorted vocals and a strong sense for melody.Expect hard-hitting beats, an orgy of sample manipulations, aggressive vocals and lush melodic sounds. A fresh combination of modern electronics with classic EBM and the matchless Norwegian seal of quality!Released mid-June, 2010 on Alfa Matrix.Track Listing:01 We are Kant Kino02 Firebrigade03 Submissive Nation04 Invisible Tears05 Stille!06 Owner of this House07 Red Rain08 Forgotten Faces09 Soulfood10 You gave Me Nothing11 This is why12 Tales Bonus Track:13 Fight! (Kant Kino vs amGod Wax Off remix)

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