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An electronic musical tragedy, a tale of decline: It has taken Laurent “LE MODERNISTE” Delogne and Marie Hubart four years to produce their sophomore album for HANDS - and it’s quite a renunciation of the rhythmic indus trial/techno hybrid of “Illogism”. Devoid of upfront aggression, there is an ongoing current of profound rhythmic pulse on “Gloomy Alice & Sinister Jack” which echoes the more sublime facets of dark techno. The experimental, noise-shaping sound design of Le Moderniste takes its toll on Kaibun as well, resulting in soundscapes on the psyched-out fringes of electronica, with the overall result being surprisingly harmonious, contemporary minimal IDM at its best.

Released late May 2017 on Hands Productions.

Track Listing:
01 Gloomy Alice and Sinister Jack (Theme)  
02 Fooling all we can expect
03 Prozac doesn’t protect us anymore  
04 Find Peace in Self Harming
05 Alice contemplates her Blood flowing under the Razor Blade
06 Blood soaked Kiss (Pain dividing)  
07 The soporific Effect of Deliverance stuns out dark Desires
08 Grim Monotony in the hazy Mind of Jack  
09 We share the same Wish
10 And all those Silences remain  
11 They decide to accept the invitation
12 Hand in Hand, they are waiting  
13 Memories and Regrets floats in a desolated Place (called Heart)
14 And the Time goes by.... Death’s Approach

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