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Jupiter Jane was formed during the stifling Parisian heat wave of summer 2018. The group was founded by Siouxside (Guitar) and Novus (bass), two friends who found themselves by chance in the gloomy toilets (!?) of a goth club. That exact moment was the start of their post-punk project. After a number of first demos, they met Lor Kuro. The match between the three was instantaneous, and their friendship was bound by the passion for music, art, Sci-fi, bad jokes, and creation... After a year of studio-work they released the self-produced debut EP «This Earth like a Ghost». Encouraged by positive feedback to this EP, the 3 decided to elevate the Jupiter Jane experience on a new level, seriously working on a real album, mixing sound, authenticity, fantasy and wit seen that our world seems to lack passion and spirit. Jupiter Jane contribute to change the world thanks to their modern and progressive project, built on the ruins of rock music and new-wave.
Released Late June 2022 by Swiss Dark Nights.
Tracks Listing:
01. Money, Murder, Madness  
02. People Like Me  
03. Red  
04. A.L.I.C.E.  
05. Nightride
06. Dharma  
07. Somewhere Between

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