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Sometimes described as "the Stanley Kubrick of electronic music," having released an album most recently nine years ago, Jega (a.k.a. Manchester"s Dylan Nathan) has finally completed his brand new record for the Planet Mu label. In 2003, a draft version was leaked onto the internet, forcing Nathan to return to the drawing board and re-write vast chunks of material. Since then, he relocated first from Manchester to New York, and then to Los Angeles, delaying the project even further. The completed eighteen-track double album bears little relation to the leaked material of so many years back. Variance is split into two nine-track journeys, each given its own disc.Released August 28th, 2009 on Planet Mu.Track Listing CD1:1 Soulflute - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)2 Antiphon - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)3 Moment - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)4 Girl Who Fell To Earth, The - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)5 Sakura - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)6 Eva - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)7 Dreams - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)8 Aqueminae - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)9 Zenith - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)CD2:1 Tensor - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)2 Shibuya - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)3 Chromadynamic - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)4 Cascade Decoherence - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)5 Aerodynamic - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)6 Latin Hypercube - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)7 Kyoto - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)8 Hydrodynamic - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)9 Girl Who Fell To Earth [Reprise], The - (featuring Dylan J. Nathan)

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