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Signifying one of the most important Joy Division discoveries to date, Martin Hannett"s own mix tapes of the 1978 and 1979 Cargo Studios, Rochdale sessions plus Hannett"s other mixes of songs and sound effects from Strawberry and Britannia Row. Hannett had a habit of running quarter-inch tape machines throughout all Joy Division recording sessions and had an agreement with the band to create his own versions of the recording sessions. He went with the band to various studios, remixed what he recorded and experimented feeding what he had recorded through his AMS delays while playing around with synthesizers. It is Hannett"s use of these weird and wonderful sounds that makes Joy Division"s records stand out above any other punk or post-punk band.Released June of 2008 in Interstate.Track List:Disc: 11. Digital Ambience Warmth, Rooms Warm-Up Shakin Speaker Dust Off2. Digital Full Track3. Noise Drums Sine Warm-Up4. Square Heat Ambience Workout5. Glass - Breakout Full Track6. Synth Ambience Warm-Up7. Ambience Atmosphere Warm-Up8. Atmosphere Setting Up9. Drums and Bass Full Atmosphere Warm-Up Silence10. Atmosphere Full Track Metronome Intro Hannett Intro Question Etc.11. Metronome Initial Adjustments, No. 112. Metronome Initial Adjustments, No. 2 Industrial Build Up Etc..13. Dead Souls + Metronome Intro Adjustment Full Track Etc ..14. Cups Smash "Synth Filters Sweeps", Take No. 115. Hannett Interview Something Fishy16. Ice Age Bass Ambience Warm-UpDisc: 21. Full Track Ice Age2. Bass Intro Noise Ambience3. Clapping Drums Clapping Prog *. * N4 Complete Full Track + Noise4. Full Track N4 Programming + Noises5. Full Eternal Track6. More N4 Drum Programming Bass Guitar7. N4 Industrial8. N4 More Warm-Up

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