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Originally released independently in strictly limited editions, both releases are reissued in an elaborately remastered form to celebrate the 25th birthday of PROJECT PITCHFORK with a noble and elegant edition.

It's impossible not to think of PROJECT PITCHFORK as soon as someone mentions Peter Spilles. In the last 25 years, the Hamburg based artist has been constantly evolving his lifetime work, has made this project become a colossus of the international Electro movement. Yet, it is only one facet of his creation, only one expression of his restless mind. Committing himself to art, to the scene and to solidarity for a quarter of a century now, it is first and foremost his playground IMATEM that highlights Peter Spilles' significance within this scene.

Serving as a magnifying glass for his beloved scene, the first and foremost use of IMATEM is to co-operate with artists close to Peter Spilles, with artists whose voices impressed him or with artists he wanted to support by all means. Among countless others, Ronan Harris (VNV NATION), Der Graf (UNHEILIG), Sven Friedrich (SOLAR FAKE/ZERAPHINE), MiLù (MILA MAR) or Sara Noxx happily heeded his call and became an integral part of a unique journey whose destination deliberately remained unclear. While his other ventures follow strict concepts and their own set of rules, IMATEM is kept alive by its unexpected nature. Each and every artist is welcome to do whatever they want. The sky is the limit, so to speak.

It would be a huge mistake, though, to reduce IMATEM to a showcase of the scene's biggest names. Just like every other project Peter Spilles has ever indulged in, it is artistry and the unbroken urge of personal fulfillment that moves him forward. This is the sole reason Peter Spilles s making music. This is what made him remain open, fair and charming over all these years. You don't choose an icon like him for a cooperation because it is the latest thing to do. You choose to work with him because he is one of the few figures truly fighting for this scene and enriching, progressing and animating it for 25 years now. This is what makes IMATEM another precious piece in this unique jigsaw of a career. The journey isn't over yet...

Released late April 2016 on Trisol.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Hold You (Rmx) (feat. Der Graf)  
02 Holy TV  
03 Seelenbrennen (feat. Falk Lenn)
04 Remote Truth  
05 Elegy of Angels  
06 Manchmal (feat. Lacasa del Cid)
07 Metami,„S“ (feat. MiLù)
08 Ganz Nah
01 Fiat Lux (feat. Stefan Grossmann)
02 Haven (feat. Ronan Harris)
03 The Influence (feat. Jay Smith)
04 Conquer (feat. Jinxy)
05 Blind Alley (feat. Jan Revolution)
06 Journey (Instrumental)
07 Escape to follow (feat. Sven Friedrich)
08 All ends (feat. Nick)
09 Down to the Sea (feat. Sara Noxx)
10 No One

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