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In Slaughter Natives: INSANITY & TREATMENT (LTD 3CD)


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The bloody eagerly awaited new release from Swedens cult act!After Seven long years of complete silence, time has finally come to welcome back IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES!Indeed, Jouni Havukainen never released his records too frequently. In over 20 years of existence, ISN didn’t release any singles (except for a split 7” with Voice of Hate) nor miniCDs, but have produced five full-length albums, each of which is an approachless peak in the history of dark music.Insanity & Treatment, is a collection of this important group’s live performances in a luxurious packaging!Only the best of the best has been carefully selected and mastered personally by the author. You"ll find the legendary radio recording of ‘Mort Aux Vaches’, Concerts in Madrid, France, Prague and in Moscow.This collection also features the participation of such heavyweights of Sweden’s scene as Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) and Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre). The famous musician - and for sure one of the best designers in the modern Industrial scene - Jérôme Nougaillon (Propergol, Cosmos Entropy, Old Iron Fence…) was encharged with the artistic design of this wonderful release – and his contribution turns this already unique publication into a true piece of art!Released mid-November, 2011 on Infinite Fog.Track Listing CD1 ‘Mort Aux Vaches’:01 Truth Awakening [Awakening]02 Clean Cathedral03 Purgate My Stain [Pure]04 Sacred Worms05 To Mega Therion06 Death, Just Only Death07 Skin Sore Eyes08 Burn My RestCD2 ‘Live in Madrid’:01 Intro/Truth Awakening02 You are the Dead03 Still tearing My Life away04 As My Shield05 Ashes of Angels06 Blood Testural07 Purgate My Stain08 Sacred Worms09 Clean CathedralCD3 ‘Live in Moscow’:01 Intro/Clean Cathedral02 Still just only Death03 Tearing My Life away04 5th Skin05 As My Shield06 Never closed My Eyes07 You are the Dead08 Purgate My Stain09 Blood Testural10 Consume My burning Hollow11 Cut Me here12 Ashes of Angels13 Skin Sore Eyes14 Sacred Worms

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