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“When daylight fades” is the first album of In Auroram released by Wave Records.A duality is present in 14 songs of this album. Through the tender and dark sounds that follow the Marriage of the eternal reason and of the inevitable delight and of the contrasting and penetrating voice of Astéria, we travel through uncertain roads, guided by haunted abyss, however exciting.For each song there is a key, imagination or vision. "Concentus" and "Mortus Virgo" can perceive the world in its appearance. “Turva Aurora” we can look and understand the images intellectually. "In Reconditum Spiritum" increased emotion to understand and to feel simultaneously. Finally to penetrate to the kingdom of the perception, that allows to capture the only reality, we hear "Time", "Peace or Sword?", "My Anguish" and "Send me a Comfort", among other songs that you will emerge and you will discove. . .Willian Blake"s paradoxes are exposed to the infinite and for all those that appreciate songs emanated by the senses, before occult.Released in 2009 on Wave Records.Track Listing:01 - When Daylight Fades (6:28)02 - Time (4:53)03 - Reconditum Spiritum (7:47)04 - Frost Storm (7:05)05 - Concentus (5:14)06 - Turva Aurora (7:08)07 - My Anguish (6:04)08 - Untrue Bliss (7:02)09 - Peace or Sword (3:04)10 - A Lifetime of Trials (3:14)11 - Send me a confort (3:38)12 - Mortuus Virgo (3:57)13 - Over the Ashes (4:19)14 - Holy Sin (3:15)

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