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After numerous live performances across Europe, including some mega Summerfestivals together with his dear friend ANNE CLARK, Belgian artist Len Lemeire once again explores, expands and redefines the limits of his musical spectrum to the maximum on his very intimate 6th IMPLANT album.Listeners will discover a special attention that has been reserved especially for the album"s unique and strong vocal performances. Amongst other great guest vocalist performances; we are also treated to appearances by ANNE CLARK on two songs. Revealing a linear electronic approach and alluring melodic appeal for compositions intermixing ethnic industrial dance, harsh EBM, a touch of electro and contrasting male/female vox, "Self-inflicted" is, for IMPLANT, the album of passage between the virtues of maturity and diversity. Modern electronics, sexy female vocals, harsh angry male growls, computer generated melodies, carrying upbeat rhythm patterns and IMPLANT"s signature sample manipulations are all on the extended list of the ingredients that make this passionate and provocative album an exploding and eclectic musical cocktail crowned by some stunning guest appearances including ANNE CLARK"s expressive voice (on "Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits" and "Surface Tension"), RAZED IN BLACK"s guitars ("4 Is Dying") and HUNGRY LUCY"s oriental vocals on "The New Gospel".Tracklist : 1. Denoizer - 2. My Gun - 3. Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits - 4. 4 Is Dying - 5. You can watch - 6. In Your Dreams - 7. Surface Tension - 8. The New Gospel - 9. Dirt - 10. Drugs vs. Violence - 11. Identity Crisis - 12. FatwaReleased mid-March, 2005 on Alfa Matrix

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