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The limited edition of the album will contain the normal version of the album plus postcards, stickers and a bonus disc featuring amongst others remixes by Gin Devo (ex-Vomito Negro), Armageddon Dildos, Glis, Massive In Mensch, Lights Of Euphoria, Headscan, Plastic Noise Experience, Razed In Black, Vidna Obmana, Moonitor (Icon Of Coil project), Mimetic, Seize. Released early November 2003Bonus CD track-listing:1. saddle-up (Gin Devo [VOMITO NEGRO] mix) 2. victim of the 60"s (LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA mix) 3. the age of experiment (SEIZE mix) 4. too many puppies (RAZED IN BLACK mix) 5. we are doing fine (ARMAGEDDON DILDOS mix) 6. patterns of awareness (VIDNA OBMANA mix) 7. what"s going on? (GLIS mix) 8. heartbreak & mass-destruction (MASSIV IN MENSCH mix) 9. is it fear or is it love (MOONITOR mix) 10. full moon (HEADSCAN mix) 11. addicted to the baseline (P.N.E. cut) 12. here comes the butterfly (MIMETIC mix)

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