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 Metamorphoses is the debut album by electronic duo God is God. The duo consists of Turkish musician, producer and Kinship label founder Etkin Çekin and Bela-russian multi-instrumentalist, composer singer and Not Not Fun alumni Galina Ozeran who started making music after a chance meeting in Berlin in 2015. Metamorphoses is the product of their second ever improvisational encounter: an undulating, avant-pop journey of low-BPM twists and turns guided by Ozeran’s synthesizers, Russian and English vocals and Çekin’s ethereal production and guitar sensibility. Central to the album’s musical narrative are both contemporary danceflooradjacent electronics and Eastern European and Turkish psychedelic electronic traditions – all filtered through the prism of Çekin and Ozeran’s respective musical histories. A condensation of a cloud of improvisation into a narrative, 40 minutes of bliss – and multiple modes of psychedelia.

Released Late February 2022 by Bureau B.

Tracks Listing: 
01. Behind the Heroes 
02. The Song Pt.1 
03. Liquid Space 
04. The Song Pt.2 
05. Masha-Marie 
06. Metamorphoses Pt.1 
07. Metamorphoses Pt.2 
08. Drops 
09. Dream 
10. Song of the Siren

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