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Monumental. Adventurous. Contemporary. That's the sound of the symphonic metal band, hailing from Leipzig, Germany. The 4 young musicians are not going on this journey alone. Together with symphonic metal icon LivKristine (ex-Leaves Eyes and Theatre of Tragedy) on the mic, Glassgod provide a grandiose album finale with their epic long track »Mankind«.

The songs combine progressive riffing with an atmospheric orchestra and synthesizer foundation, powerful drums with the flowing character of film music, as well as melodic clean vocals with brutal growling to produce a symphonic work of art. Glassgod create a sonic and lyrical landscape filled withfacets of emotion!

Released 2021 by Danse Macabre.

Tracks Listing: 
01. Nebula 
02. Particle 
03. Terra Nova 
04. Luca 
05. Cold Cloak 
06. Underwater Bloom 
07. Conquest of Continents 
08. Hunter and Prey 
09. The Great Extinction I: Permian—Triassic 
10. Jurassic Blood 
11. The Great Extinction II: Cretaceous—Paleogene 
12. Ancestral Story 
13. Mankind (feat. Liv Kristine) 
14. Luca (Radio Edit)

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