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 „We have to talk“ - that sounds like expression, like change and serious business. Because GROOVENOM grew up and discovered a melancholy that they turn into a broader frame musically and deep-thought lyrics in german.
Where „Pink Lion“ and „Modern Death Pop“ represent moments in a development, „Wir müssen reden“ shows a grown-up band. Musically the core is still electronic Deathcore, catchy and melodic, but more emotional and serious. Industrial Metal influenced by EBM and Synthwave is the musical basis for a lyrical concept about the loss of the ability to communicate. Especially singer Mr. Sanz made a huge step in his variety and links emotional clean singing parts with angry shouts. „Wir müssen reden“ is a field of force inviting the listener to dive in and overcome tribulations, find new strength and work of steam.

Released Late March 2019 by Out Of Line.

Track Listing:
01. Alter Freund 
02. Medizin 
03. Unter deiner Haut 
04. Grau 
05. Faust 
06. Du und Ich 
07. Lass mich los 
08. Nimm mich 
09. Mein Herz ist frei 
10. Nach Hause 
11. Taub 
12. Wir müssen reden

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