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Sometimes the work of a record label has an interesting side effect: It defies borders, and cultures, especially with an international artist line-up like ours. Dependent works with bands from the US, Sweden, Germany, UK, Canada, Belgium, Norway, France, South Africa and other countries. With Ginger Snap5 now, the label reached at a new place on the map: Ukraine. Ginger Snap5 (inspired by the underground horror movie “Ginger Snaps”) is a duo from Odessa and Kiyv, and their album will blow you away! Surprisingly, working with Roman Soroka and Alex Pavluk was very easy for Dependent inspired them thanks to the friendly communication with these two men who live in what we only know as an invaded country. This collaboration has completely warped any preconceptions we might have had about Ukraine and its people - and so does the highly modern and well-produced album!
Some will know Ginger Snap5 by a multitude of REALLY good third-party artist remixes including Pride And Fall, Solitary Experiments and Clicks, but few may know that these guys already released an album on the small Russian Label skyQode. The succeeding "Against the Days" now shows a matured band that is still committed to a hybrid of dense, upbeat EBM with glitchy Future Pop, all topped off by Roman Sorokas unique vocals.  

Released late October 2017 on Dependent Records.

Track Listing:
01 Ouvertune
02 Break Me down
03 Polaris
04 Digital Wraith
05 Save you (Interlude 1)
06 November Song
07 Beyond the Line
08 Distant Star
09 Waiting for…
10 Conscious (Interlude 2)
11 Pieces of Regret
12 I disappear
13 Final Rowing

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