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Gitane Demone & Paul Roessler: NEW YOUNG KINGS OF MIDNIGHT, THE CD


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A highly melancholic, classically inspired album about death, mourning, transience and farewell. Dedicated to their two friends Rozz Williams (Christian Death) and Darby Crash (The Germs). In 2017, Gitane asked Paul to write orchestral music for a tribute she was writing for Rozz Williams, starting with his early life, his rise to creative icon... when she brought up his suicide, Paul said, "This is something personal to me now, as I lost my dear friend Darby Crash to suicide as well." Together, Paul and Gitane explored the suicides: how they were affected, what Rozz and Darby could have accomplished had they lived (with such creative brilliance), the opportunities in life they missed by ending their lives, and rebirth. Some time later, seeing Holst's "The Planets" at the Hollywood Bowl and hearing the debut of Daniel Bjarnason's Violin Concerto, they both decided to write orchestral pieces that became "The New Young Kings of Midnight". With this passionate album, Gitane and Paul have reached the pinnacle of their musical and lyrical creativity to date.

Released Early February 2024 by Dark Vinyl.

Tracks Listing:
01. Funeral
02. Coeur
03. Exquisite Fits of Delirium
04. The New Young King of Midnight
05. Feather
06. April First
07. Come

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