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In 1989, new dark / electronic music rarely came along - as hard as it is to imagine nowadays. Singer and songwriter Sascha had listened to his records and cassettes by the Sisters, Cure, DAF, Kraftwerk, Nizzer Ebb, Dead can Dance and Coil more than 1000 times until he got bored. He wanted new dark music, but couldn't find any. And so, out of sheer desperation, he formed a band as a 14-year-old to write just such music. Being still half a child, he chose the name "Ghosting" for this band - inspired by the "Gespenster-Geschichten" kids comics popular in those days in Germany. The first demo tapes "Secret Books" and "Black Romantic" were a mixture of what today would be called Dark Ambient with classical-medieval elements, all created by samplers and synthesizers.

In 1991, they played their resident club «Ballhaus» in Bonn, Germany, were they were signed by Glasnost Records the very evening they played. Their debut album "Romantic Death" was recorded with Bruno Kramm/Das Ich in Bayreuth. It is a typical gothic rock album and was an instant success in Germany! In 1992, they were one of the bands on stage at the first ever Wave-Gothic-Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig. In the upcoming years, they played many gigs throughout Europe. Two more full-length albums with Glasnost followed, in which Sascha intentionally distanced himself from gothic rock to further develop his personal romantic-dark style involving more electronic-classical elements. The instrumental album "Enter my Crypt" represents the climax of this development. With their move to the Synthetic Symphonies/SPV label, the music direction went back to more danceable songs. Two of their most famous songs, "Bombed the World" and "One Bullet", are from this phase.

In the meantime, the band had almost 10 years under their belts and, after a few member exchanges, the first break-up of the band took place around 1997. It wasn't until 2001 that Sascha made a comeback with a new line-up on the Alice In... label of the Dark Dimensions label group. Two full-length albums were released, some with strong technoid influences for the time. But there was also room for songs in the tradition of guitar gothic rock, including the band's most streamed song, "Lion King". In 2003, Sascha finally decided to close his musical career. Only now, almost 20 years later, he is about to revive Ghosting as a solo project. In 2021, he recorded the songs of the first demo tapes, which were of extremely noisy quality, as authentically as possible using the old synthesizers and released them as digital releases via Alice In... Four new songs are planned for digital release in early 2022 - all in retro post-punk style, with typical 80s instrumentation electric guitars, electric bass and 12-string acoustics, but Sascha's unmistakable, gladly genre alien compositional technique.

Along the way, Sascha will continue to work on new songs and release them via Alice In ....

Released Late January 2022 by Alice In...

Tracks Listing:
01. Lion King  
02. Bombed The World - Remastered
03. Der Tod In Flandern [Single Edit]
04. One Bullet [Single Edit]
05. Paranoia  
06. Ad Infinitum [Single Edit] - Remastered
07. Die Baby Die
08. Blood Ocean [Alternate Version] - Remastered
09. Heal Me
10. Disguised In Black [Single Edit] - Remastered
11. L'Eremitage
12. March - Remastered
13. Der Leiermann - Remastered

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