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To be really "halfway lost (halbwegs verpeilt)" again, you need a freshly brewed Fusspils from Lager2 production. Brewmaster Gerrit Thomas (Eisfabrik, Funker Vogt, Ravenous, Fictional) swears by the electronically generated sounds of the synthesizers in his studio, haunting sounds and melodic vocal lines. On "Fusspils 11" everything is a little different, but not really.

With "Halbwegs verpeilt", after 17 years, the 3rd bottling of the project is now due on 29.04.2022. As with the predecessors "Gib ihr einen Namen" (1998) and "Elektro-Polizei" (2005), Fusspils 11 consumers can expect frothy electro beats, tingling basslines and quite a few songs, most of which were not penned by the artists involved.

This concoction is all about the number "eleven", 11 bottles trying to get their vocals into the microphone to some extent, 16 tracks in an "eleven-pack" and 11 titles with which real musicians have had success. But actually, it's all about these 11 bottles! Gerrit Thomas has found the right mash for each bottle, so he has Bastian Polak (Intent:Outtake) fill "Haifisch" by Rammstein, Tim Schulschenk (Alienare) "Siehst du das genau so?" by Sportfreunde Stiller and Jan Bertram (Eisfabrik) "Schwarz zu Blau" by Peter Fox, among others. And yet there are also a few songs written especially for Fusspils 11, which could explain how a factory is kept running or why a TV-known professional boxer got into boxing.

No living creatures were tortured, injured, or killed in this production. All participants made their contributions halfway of their own free will and were rarely forced to do anything involuntary.

Guest singers
• Bastian Polak (Intent:Outtake) / „Haifisch“
• Andreas Engleitner (Intent:Outtake) / „Klaus“
• Charly Barth-Ricklefs (Eisfabrik) / „Rollo, der Wikinger“
• Tim Schulschenk (Alienare) / „Siehst du das genau so?“
• Dirk Scheuber (Scheuber) / „Karl, der Käfer“
• Jan Bertram (Eisfabrik) / „Schwarz zu Blau“
• Alexander „Fischy“ Fischer (Tourmanagement, Yeti) / „Die drei Säulen des Wahnsinns“
• Stefan Winkel (Gecko Sector) / „Das Modell“
• René Dornbusch (Funker Vogt, Eisfabrik) / „Sieben Tage lang“, „Die drei Säulen des Wahnsinns“
• Stephan Herrmann (J-SOC, Scheuber) / „Zauberstab“

Released Late April 2022 by Repo Records.

Tracks Listing:
01. Sieben Tage lang  
02. Haifisch  
03. Bambule im Kindergarten  
04. Karl der Käfer
05. Siehst du das genau so  
06. Zauberstab  
07. Rollo der Wikinger  
08. Schwarz zu Blau
09. Zombiewelt  
10. Das Modell  
11. Klaus  
12. Trümmertango  
13. Die drei Säulen des Wahnsinns
14. Zeig mir den Weg nach unten  
15. Siehst du das genau so (digital ENERGY Remix)  
16. Im Studio

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