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Fear Falls Burning: HE SPOKE IN DEAD TONGUES (2CD)


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Sam Rosenthal, founder and owner of Projekt in his own words: "Projekt releases a lot of music that I love, and there"s going to be a really special place in my heart for this one. Since the late 70s, I have been in listening to the Fripp & Eno album No Pussy Footing. Released in 1973, this disc is a jaw-dropper. Album-side-long compositions of guitar loops. Repeating and droning and building in spellbinding power. That album is in my top-5 of all time; it"s a release that I think has never been duplicated. I used to freak out all my stoner high-school pals by playing this one on my crappy little pre-boom-box tape deck. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrind. Twannggggggggggggg. Droooooooooooooooooone, "Sam, what the f*ck is that noise!?!" So having a release like he spoke in dead tongues on Projekt is a really satisfying personal experience. This is - as they say - a very non-commercial album. There"s no catchy songs, there"s no lyrics, heck! There aren"t even song titles. Yet this album grabs you by the throat and doesn"t let go. It"s aggressive in the right spots and subtle and rippling in others - it definitely is more "rock" than "ambient" -- it definitely isn"t mellow and soothing. I had the pleasure of seeing Fear Falls Burning live, when I was in Leipzig earlier this year, now you can immerse yourself in this amazing soundworld. Each listen is a completely new experience,and a completely powerful, mind-blowing one!"

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