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Children of pandemic decadence, Endeløs translate provincial boredom with dark sounds, clearly inspired by 80s dark wave, but powered up with the post punk seminal attitude and by the punkish roots of his members.

The album “Dark Fields” is a trip around the decadence of these times, extremized by the pandemic crisis, that showed the real face of this sick world. Madness, depression, fear of the future… but then also a bright light, coming from love with the last song on the album, that closes the journey in a liberatory dance – offering a glimpse of hope, to escape from these ‘Dark Fields’…
Released Early July 2023 by Swiss Dark Nights. 

Tracks  Listing:
01. Dark Fields  
02. Nothing Remains  
03. Inside  
04. Broken Tales  
05. Drive
06. Coil Of Ade  
07. End Of The Game  
08. Winter Rose  
09. Dancing On

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