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El Ojo Y La Navaja: ESQUIZIA CD


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El Ojo y la Navaja is a minimal electro project from Mexico, formed by the musician Erick Arévalo in early 2017. This project is mainly influenced by the minimal synth and post punk scene of the 80s. The sound essence is inspired by the cold and mechanical rhythms made from vintage synthe- sizers and both old and modern rhythm boxes. The aesthetics of El Ojo y la Navaja is nourished by other artistic manifestations such as cinema and literature. The name of the project is taken from a scene from the legendary short film "Un chien Andaluz" directed by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.

El Ojo y La Navaja previously released a single and an EP and as a result the band has been presented in the most important underground forums in Mexico to support their EP "Anarquia Coronada" in 2018, including 12 shows in as many cities in Mexico and two in Colombia. "Esquizia" was recorded during past 2 years and reflects the musical maturity of the project. It contains 9 songs plus two extra songs on the physical CD, which are characterized by forceful bass lines and accelerated rhythms that invite to the dance floor, cold synthesized sounds and spectral voices that tell everyday experiences treated from a dark perspective. The album also includes two songs in collaboration with two of the most significant projects in the dark under- ground scene: “Esquizoide” in which Equinoxious collaborates in the synth- and percussion sequences, and “Slaves to the Storm” created in conjunction with Tearful Moon, who composed the lyrics and synthesizer harmonies.
Released 2020 by Wave Records.
Track Listing:
01. Nerve Conflict 
02. Toxicomano 
03. Black Morpheus 
04. Esquizoide 
05. Slaves to the Storm
06. Oscuro Objeto 
07. Lunas 
08. Esquizia 
09. Extintos
10. Nostalgia de la Muerte 11 Castigar

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