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Elegia: DEMO 1995 CD


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Born in the underground scene of Bari/Italy during the early 90ies, the band’s line-up contained Claudio Contessa (later and until now: Violet Tears) at guitars and vocals, Alessandro Porrelli guitars and drum machine programming and Massimo Quercia playing bass. Elegia recalls Italian dark wave and postpunk artistic mood, heavy influenced by Italian legends such as Carillon del Dolore and Diaframma, but also Cocteau Twins and early Christian Death. Their sound is melancholic and grasping, weaving reverbered guitars, decadent melodies and drummings, with melting and rabid lyrics from a dark and nostalgic voice. This ‘Demo 1995’ includes 9 tracks [of which 6 from the original demo], recorded in the studio in 1995 and the band’s ONLY official release. But the CD also contains 2 previously unreleased songs from the same session and a live-version of another track.

Released 2019 by Swiss Dark Nights

Track Listing:
01. Polvere 06:26
02. Abisso d'Oceano 05:02
03. Angeli in Fiamme 05:54
04. Esistenza del Nulla 05:40
05. Beelzebul 04:59
06. Nere Candele 04:48
07. Nel Silenzio 05:15
08. Visioni dell'Assenza 03:16
09. Esistenza del Nulla (Live 12-07-1995) 05:41

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