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Essence of Mind: BREAK UP!, THE


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Built on a quite dark and melancholic recurrent atmospheric background, this new album sounds rather angry and harsh sometimes, but also still gives some tints of hope and progress...  Powerful, melodic, and electronic with a touch of massive industrial nu-metal and other intricate dance music elements such as drum’n’bass, EDM and dubstep, EoM bring their unique sound style to the next level! From a more modern pop-rock with uptempo tracks like ‘Disturbing Situations’, club hits like ‘Wrong’ or the pumping opener ‘No Place to hide’ to the harder and highly melodic ‘Escape’ to finish off with the very emotional and melancholic pop sound of ‘Tear apart’... ‘The Break Up!’ is a very poignant and highly dynamic album that gives the impression of having heard a hypnotic sound cocktail of the best elements from Apoptygma Berzerk (for the vocals), Depeche Mode (for the melodies) and Prodigy (for the modernity). The physical version of the album also features 3 bonus remixes not available on the digital album: the powerful melodic and 80s tainted electro take from Technomancer on "Wrong", the frontal dancefloor remix by Xenturion Prime of ‘Hate’ and the exclusive twisted mix of ‘The other Side’ by VIGILANTE. This might be a "Break Up!", but the ESSENCE OF MIND journey continues, so stay tuned for some "after the break" new sonic adventures...

Released mid-April 2015 on Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing:
01 No Place to hide
02 Escape
03 Wrong
04 Can’t take it
05 Disturbing Situations
06 Contaminated
07 Hate
08 The other Side
09 The Sequence
10 Tear apart
11 Escape (Club rmx)
12 Wrong (Technomancer rmx)
13 Hate (Xenturion Prime rmx)
14 The other Side (Vigilante rmx)

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