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Most of the songs from “Huldresagn” were composed during some hard times Eliwaga had to go through personal lives. Eliwagar in their own words:
“Huldresagn” is a very special album for us, one that takes inspiration from deep down in the darkness to bring light in the form of melodies, songs that strengthen the spirit and the mind in times of chaos, deep heartfelt lyrics as pure dedication to loved ones and loved land.”

“Huldresagn” means “the tales of the huldra”. The huldra is a very well known Norwegian creature taking the form of a woman, she belongs to the wilderness, to the forest and the mountains, to the marshes and the lakes. She is a seducing woman that attracts you to her realm. I always understood such a beautiful creature as the representation of heathenism and the archetypes of our ancestors. Huldra calls you back to your roots, to nature and to the countryside, to the magic of the forest and the healing plants, to the wild music played on ancient instruments… She invites you to live freely with nature… and this is what this album and what Eliwagar itself is about. It is about finding back your roots and your bound to nature, free your mind from this destructive world, choosing life instead of agony, following the call of the huldra back to the wild nature and living the heathen way, and by “heathen” meaning “natural” without any religious endoctrination.

Released late February 2015 on Great Turf Deluxe.

Track Listing:
01 Huldredans
02 Huldresagn
03 Hamingja
04 Heilruna
05 Seier i Stormen
06 Lys i Mørket
07 Disablot
08 Othala
09 Forfedres EikI Hjertet av Høsten

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