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A World in their Screams is the third and final album of the current cycle of records put out by French band Elend (and their 7th album in total). Their unique sound, consisting of a blend of techniques and virtuosity of classical orchestral music, the dense atmospheres of a band like Dead Can Dance and the violence of metal, has reached a point of no return. Considered a cult band in the Gothic and Metal scenes, their music appeals to people from most diverse backgrounds (ranging from the serious 20th century avant-garde music aficionados to fans of Gothic / Ambient up to followers of the extreme Metal scene).Released date postponed to June 19th, 2007 on Season of Mist Records.Track Listing:01 Ophis puthôn02 A World in Their Screams03 Ondes de sang04 Le Dévoreur05 Le Fleuve infini des morts06 Je rassemblais tes membres07 Stasis08 Borée09 La Carrière d"ombre10 J"ai touché aux confins de la mort11 Urserpens

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