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District 13: PANDORA'S HOPE CD


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The first thing that stands out, when listing to this gifted electro act, is the outstanding voice of singer Alex Erbacher!

After 4 albums and many singles on KL-Dark Records, this very talented Synthpop/Electro act found a new home on Infacted Recordings. Between partially rough yet pleasant synthpop sounds and sparse space-age references, 13 songs have emerged, meandering between passion, energy, and electrifying noir-pop, meticulously crafted and atmospherically resonant down to every corner. It's precisely these moods that can weaken a strong individual and from which one draws strength! Sometimes it's a tormented soul singing, sometimes hope, and sometimes joy. Reflecting the sentiments of many at the moment, this album resonates with profound depth. The tracks oscillate between shimmering electronica and bold synthpop, yet everything unfolds as one great flow. "Pandora opened the box given to her by Zeus. Subsequently, all vices and misdeeds escaped from it. From that moment on, evil conquered the world." It celebrates joy, sadness, powerlessness, hope, and melancholy in their highest form – poignant, human, fragile, and uplifting. Conclusion: There's always a way out of the deep valley. Hovering above each of the album's thirteen tracks, uniquely adorned by Per-Anders Kurenbach (famous producer for bands such as Iris, Psyche, The Eternal Afflict...) with bass, synthesizer, organ, piano, percussion, and programmed drums, is the voice of Alex Erbacher, fluctuating multifariously between anger, melancholy, and empathy.

Released early June 2024 on Infacted Recordings.

Tracks Listing:
01 Key to My Heart (Version 2024)  
02 For this Moment  
03 What You've done to Me
04 Turn back Time  
05 I don't love You anymore  
06 Hope  
07 Call Me in the Night
08 It can't rain forever  
09 I'm on My Way  
10 Autumn Leaves (Version 2024)
11 December's Cold  12 Playing the Game  
13 I'll keep Your Memory alive (Song for Shiela)

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