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Data Void (def'n)...information spaces which can be exploited to introduce new and transgressive ideas in order to promote change or disruption. Data Void is the new project from Don Gordon (Numb, Halo_Gen) and James Mendez (Jihad, Trial by Fire). The first seeds of the project were planted in chance meeting in Ho Chi Minh City back in 2019 and the album recorded over the period of 2021-2023. Strategies of Dissent seamlessly integrates elements drawn from a diverse range of contemporary electronic music influences... industrial, drum & bass, dark ambient, post-punk, experimental, EDM, dub, psychedelica...into a coherent sound that both seduces and challenges the listener. Strategies of Dissent draws its themes from our current era of chaos rather than cyber-dystopian futures. Instead of a nihilistic rant, it is an interrogation of the 'now' in which power is increasingly diffuse, disciplinary, normalizing and values are corrupt. Where powerful social and technological forces drive uncertainty. Where the empowerment and revolution of the individual are the only logical response. From the opening distorted electronic textures and percussive assault, through to the haunted echo tails of the final track, Strategies of Dissent never releases the listeners attention. A soundtrack for the dispossessed generation of the 21st century.

Released mid-March, 2024 on Metropolis Records.

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