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“Ruindustrial” / “Warlock wave” / “Syntherin” - the traditional terms of music styles are simply too tight for the couple of Prague-based blackpriests, so they created their own! Decent Ruins mix their sound from the echoes of dark wave and industrial, witchy atmosphere, power of dark synth sound and including an almost ‘EBM’-kind of punch.

The project impressed already with their very first single "White Quarantine". Not only it caught the attention of the jury of the's goth portal and got the track featured on their "Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves" compilation, but also impressed the creators of the post-apocalyptic gaming hit Vigor, who decided to include it directly in the game. Even the following track "Y.L.M.N." did not shame the guys and got Decent Ruins on the compilation of the prestigious Belgian electronic zine/label In 2021, the gentlemen released the split EP "Decay" with the dark electronic fairy Isiolia. Then the water shut over Decent Ruins for two years. Until now…

The post-apocalyptic occult macrocosm collides with images from the dusty corners of the microcosm of broken brains to create something darkly profound and frankly shredded. This record is a record of how it feels. This is Decent Ruins," say the artists themselves. The collection of six new tracks (plus two newly remastered previous ‘digital only’ singles) is now made available worldwide, thanks to a fresh collaboration with the renowned Swiss genre label Swiss Dark Nights. "Honestly we really didn't expect anyone to release our debut right away, but when a label approaches you on their own and your music can be released along side names like Ash Code, Ductape, Hapax and The Spiritual Bat, of course you'll take it," Decent Ruins adds.

Released Early July 2023 by Swiss Dark Nights. 
Tracks Listing:
01. The Path  
02. Downwards  
03. Fire  
04. Give Up  
05. Hideous…
06. …Hearts  
07. YLMN  
08. White Quarantine

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