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Limited Edition of 250 copies on regular black Vinyl. Three years after their debut album "Todo El Caos Habita Aqui" from 2018, the Chilean duo DIAVOL STRÂIN released the follow-up "Elegia del Olvido/Elegia del Horror" on their own, which is now being re-released for the first time EVER on vinyl.

As to be expected, old school Gothrock in a (South-) American way is on offer again this time. The sound is completely unaffected by Metal or too much Electro, but is determined by driving drum machines, fat bass and melancholic to desperate vocals. However, the screeching guitars, which are otherwise mainly known from Mephisto Walz or Screams For Tina, are formative. The synths are never in the foreground, they only provide additional atmosphere and a fuller sound. And as with other bands, the Spanish language makes the difference in the singing and gives the sound its very own atmosphere. That's how we know the Goth-/Deathrock of the 80s and 90s.

Fans of US Deathrock will enjoy tracks like "Ruinas" and "Al Ansia", especially the latter song would probably have become a club hit in the early 90s. "Destino Destrucción" could be the same on today's Gothic parties, while "Herz der Niemand" and „Uroboros“ will also please fans of Darkwave.

Released Mid April 2023 by Young And Cold Records. 
Tracks Listing:
A1. Caída Libre 
A2. Destino Destrucción 
A3. Lilith 
A4. El Reflejo de Mi Muerte
A5. Herz der Niemand 
A6. Ruinas
B1. Nacidas del Fuego 
B2. Cotard 
B3. El Ansia 
B4. Ylak 
B5. Inferno 
B6. Uroboros

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