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French goth duo Denuit have unfurled an intense new video upon the world. A creepy combination of The Cure, Siouxsie and Lebanon Hanover, the harbingers of “night wave” bring forth “I’m Bleeding”, off Inferno, via Manic Depression. Check it out below! Denuit emerged from the shadows in May 2021 with their debut album “Black Sun” (No Need Name). This follow up “Inferno“ speaks about personal hell … the one that we create for ourselves.

“There is no worse enemy than humanity for humanity,” the band explains. “But hell can have a purifying vocation. We give then to fire, a work of purgation. This album is intimately linked to emotions…that push us in this crossing of the underworld, on earth. It will then be necessary to show its redemption, to manage to go up to the surface. Inferno is a world we have created. What color is hell, what does it taste like? For us it is a place, a great desert expanse where sandstorms roar. If you listen carefully, you can hear the elements unleashed in Inferno, sometimes a liquid flowing, the wind blowing, the organic crackling, the whispers of our inner demons. We wanted to make these elements natural, so that hell could come to life.”

Released Early November 2022 by Manic Depression.
Tracks Listing:
01. In the Darkroom 
02. I'm Bleeding 
03. White House 
04. Nemesis 
05. Voice of the Shadows
06. Life and Death 
07. Blurred Vision 
08. Deep Water 
09. Redemption 
10. Room In the Dark

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