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Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies! Jewel-Box + 16 pages booklet

The Swedish machine-pop project DATAPOP (Anders Wilhelm and Mikael Larsson) are back four years after their previous ‘Pop’ Album with their second opus "Sterne" (Stars)! In 2017, DATAPOP released their debut album "POP", which became one of the most successful releases of Razgrom and immediately appeared on the short-list of releases, that are a MUST for all fans of the classic sound of KRAFTWERK and electronic analog minimalism of the 70s and 80s.

Musically and mentally "Sterne" continues and develops the ideas of the machine-vocoder-robo-electro sounds of its predecessor, but this album can also be called a completely conceptual and ideologically consistent release: It is entirely dedicated to outer space and to all the difficulties of space travels. The journey into outer space, that DATAPOP offer to listeners, starts from Sun (the first track "Sonne") and ends somewhere in the stellar "Nebulosa" (track number 11). All tracks are sung in English, German and Swedish. In addition, remixes from ANYMACHINE and fellow Plonk label-member MASCHINE BRENNT are found in the bonus section of the release.

Graceful, melodic and polished electronic music with a nostalgic retro atmosphere and analog synth-retro noir, with appropriate synth-pop, ambient and even some psychedelic kraut elements.

Released Late August 2021 by Razgrom Music.  

Track Listing:
01. Sonne 
02. Space Invaders 
03. Asteroid 
04. The End 
05. Space Operators 
06. Sterne
07. Weltraum 
08. Travellers 
09. Mot Nya Varldar 
10. Schwarzes Loch 
11. Nebulosa
12. Weltraum (Anymachine Remix) 
13. Travellers (Maschine Brennt Remake)

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