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Catchy melodies, hypnotic vocals, a killer dose of gothic aura and a meticulously put together stage image, have contributed to making Deathcamp Project a recognisable brand of the world's dark independent stage.

Deathcamp Project's music is an electrifying mix of modern electro-industrial sounds and decadent indie-rock, influenced by the nostalgic sounds of goth / cold wave of the 80's era.
“...they always make very good records, but this one is truly something great.” Mick Mercer

Released 2020 by Alchera Visions.

Track Listing:
01. Predestination 
02. Too Late 
03. Cold the Same 
04. No Cure 
05. About:Blank 
06. Betrayed
07. Through the Fire 
08. Painthings 
09. Scars Remain 
10. Kłamac

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