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The three „DANCE OR DIE“ musicians Wagner, Falgalas and Chris L. (also in Funker Vogt, The Sexorcist, Aonoize...)continue their story with their brand new project “DARKNESS ON DEMAND”. In their traditional music development they combine old-school EBM with dance floor-grooves and catchy melodies.

The new album describes a synthesis of the arts consisting of characteristic topics, such as escapism and dark visions of the future, but it is also a reckoning with their eventful past. Songs like the title track, ‘Why don’t u tell me’, ‘I don’t believe’ and ‘Boody Bleed’ present a dark vision of an android future, visualised in musical images.
Meanwhile songs like the digital single ‘City of the Dreamers’ and ‘Take it from the Rich’ create dream worlds and keep alive the hope for a better future. ‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘We take Revenge’ are a clear confrontation with their past and the rising future of the new works under the unique name „DARKNESS ON DEMAND“...

Released Late February 2018 on Repo Records.

Track Listing:
01. I don’t need Anybody
02. City of the Dreamers
03. Back to Psychoburbia
04. Darkness on Demand
05. Take it from the Rich
06. Post Stone Age Technology
07. Body Bleed
08. Dark Dreams
09. Chain Reaction
10. Believe in Yourself
11. Forever
12. I don’t believe

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