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The French-German duo Dear Strange revives the spirit of New Wave with modern Electronica in a most captivating way on the debut album “Lonely Heroes.”

Some music just pulls the listener in from the very start. Dear Strange's epic Electro-anthem “The Unicorn” is such a rare specimen which had the entire Out-Of-Line-staff hooked instantaneously. Now, the duo has completed work on the eagerly awaited debut and it is nothing short of a revelation. The powerful voice of Dorian E. reminds of Wave-legends like Siouxsie Sioux and envelops the listener in a maelstrom of emotions, while sound wizard Romain Frequency re-invents the feeling of the dark side of the Eighties with Minimal-Electro- and club-sound-elements coming from an armada of synthesizers. Walking a tight line between catchiness and atmosphere, retro-feeling and modernity, vivid emotions and explicit coolness, Dear Strange create a postmodern-futuristic scheme for Pop music with substantial depth. From the mighty Dark-Wave-prowess of the previously mentioned “The Unicorn”, via the fusion of French-Pop, German New Wave and modern club sounds in the German-language tune “Licht” to the breezy dance sound of the title track – Dear Strange always manage to impress, overwhelm and captivate, yet always remain accessible and full of floor-filling spirit.

“Lonely Heroes” is the New-Wave-sound of the future!

Released late August 2015 on Out of Line.

Track Listing:
01 The Unicorn  
02 Lonely Heroes  
03 Dystopia  
04 I can see through This  
05 Licht
06 Strangers as we are  
07 Between the Sunsets  
08 Hand full of Nothing  
09 Hysteria
10 Sweeter than This  
11 Minima Moralia

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