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'Wapens' is the Dutch word for 'weapons' and also translates to ‘family crests‘ or ‘coats of arms‘. Distel's intention while working on this album was to achieve a more direct, massive and monolithic sound than before: to channel most energy through an insistent impulse within the rhythmic and melodic movement - from stomping stabs to legato motion - and make every other embellishment secondary. This initial thought is the core of the music on this album and an overall synthesised modern classical mode is the guideline for new tracks. Thematically 'wapens' includes many references to end times, apocalyptic visions, embodiment and authenticity towards death. The self-applied tag 'ultra / angst pop' could now be redefined from the original industrial-based minimal electronics into a unique contemporary strain of high energy synth-pop-noir, or 'dark energy'. A quite evocative mixture of excellent subliminal rhythm machine programming, predominant purging keyboard lines and swirling spectral vocals result in twisted dark wave pieces with a catchy approach carrying an overwhelming, coercive energy. Digipak packaging.

Released Late October 2018 by Ant-Zen

Track Listing:
01. Alpha 
02. Wapens 
03. Majestik 
04. Anima 
05. Ultra 
06. Creole 
07. Adem 
08. Nachtland 
09. Maskers 
10. Advent

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