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It took some 4 years to our one-man army to emotionally recover from the despair he encountered on the German Battlefields of his debut-album “Troops”. Yet time has past and the wounds have not healed, DUNKELWERK’s Losttrooper has returned to write and arrange another conceptual long player celebrating once more the difficult theme of “Total Defeat”. “Höllenbrut” is another truthful “Endzeit” album, in the pure traditional sense of the word. DUNKELWERK takes us this time throughdark horror fields haunted by beasts and vampires. We follow him in an eternal quest for the loved Queen in a desperate world of broken hearts and defeat where fairy tale characters are plunged into the harshness of dark literature. A dense atmosphere that is brilliantly captured and rendered in the album’s artwork designed by the talented artist Oliver Haecker (Bastart-Worx).On “Höllenbrut”, our German project reinforces his “Endzeit by conviction” musical approach reminding us how unique DUNKELWERK is in his effort to create strong sonic atmospheres where music andemotions merge and become one. German texts and samples, sorrowful orchestral arrangements and dark electronics create a desolated atmosphere haunted by hard raucous distinct vocals (far away from the overused hyper-distorted effects) and carrying marching beats. Uncompromising Endzeit Electro with a strong attitude and impressive imagery that will please fans of dark elektro and orchestral industrial music.The album is also released as a deluxe carton box with tarot cards, poster and the "Nightbreeders" bonus disc including exclusive special tracks and remixes composed by Losttrooper for this devastating occasion.Released early November, 2009 on Alfa Matrix.Track Listing CD1:01 The majesty of vengeance02 Ungethuem03 Fairest of all04 Harkers Verderben05 Endzeit (Vanitas)06 Der Kapitän07 Grabgesang08 Mehr Licht!09 Croatoan10 Your Love11 Wolves and nightingales12 Incantatio (Zauberspruch).CD2:01 Endzeit (Conticinium)02 Ungethuem (Königskinder)03 Incantatio (the fall)04 Harkers Verderben (Baobhan Sith)05 Fairest of all (Orchestral Structure)06 Der Kapitän (Silent Sea)07 Mehr Licht! (Providence)08 Your Love (Rough Cut instrumental)09 Harkers Verderben (Totenschiff)10 Nacht und Nebel11 Requiem for a Queen

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