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Deathline International: PAX AMERICANA CD


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Deathline International Th3Count (aka Christian Petke), the driving creative force behind the band Deathline International and the mastermind behind the record label COP International, is set to launch his latest sonic missile in the form of their new album Pax Americana. With their long history of guitar-driven, emotionally intense songs, Deathline International has made their mark on the industrial music scene worldwide. This new album welcomes legendary producer John Fryer into the mix. Pax Americana provides a healthy dose of aggressive reality in the music and vocals paired with vivid production elements reminiscent of Fryer's engineering strengths in mixing guitar for bands such as Stabbing Westward, Fields of the Nephilim, and Die Krupps, as well as his synth brilliance working with bands such as Fad Gadget, Moev, Yazoo, and Nine Inch Nails. Their dynamic pairing has created a multi-layered album that is as intense and aggressive as it is beautiful in its raw descriptions of the world around us. We salute you if you are reading this. Because in some ways we created this with you in mind and we thank you for your support. This record is something we always wanted and maybe the beginning of something new. We lost faith many times over. "Pax Americana" became this mythical monster that we could not slay. But John came to the rescue. He beat the beast into submission and gave us glory, violence, and decay. The machine and the human merge. Iron and madness beat with a steady pulse. Embracing the darkness that reaches out to all of us. Crystalizing it into rhythmic patterns of destruction. Sonic assaults, broken cybernetic hearts, and a metallic aftertaste. Our AI overlords are closing in, but we will fight to the death! Mayhem is at our doorstep and DLI scores the perfect soundtrack for it.

Released Early May 2022 by Cop International

Tracks Listing:
01. Spin Zone
02. Parasite
03. Life Isn't Real
04. Inside
05. Breaking
06. Lip Service
07. Born Again
08. In Den Staub
09. Sinking
10. Quiet

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