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CHEMICAL WAVES: screaming guitars on dark electronic carpets: a sound with post-punk, dark wave and coldwave echoes, so deep and intense in decadent atmospheres. Dark hues in dark landscapes: intense emotions, sometimes warm and sometimes glacial.

After the acclaimed albums "Even When We Fall Apart" (Unknown Pleasures, 2020) and "Lasting Forever" (ScentAir Records), Chemical Waves arrives with a surprising and exciting new album, feat. many international guests.

Chemical Waves is the solo project of Marco Cattani, member of HALO EFFECT (EK Product) and THE MARK.

Written shortly after the latest releases and composed in part during the recent period of isolation, this album is a collection of stories and emotions from the days when the world faced what would be its next dark fate. As an omen, twelve incredible new songs unfold, dragging the listener on a fascinating, dark and unpredictable journey. A fragment of the world from before - where the suffering, the inner ghosts and fears of each of the performers tear their bowels and reveal themselves without filters, song after song, placing their anxieties on carefully constructed notes.

Released Early April 2021 by Wave Records. 

Track Listing:
01. Kiss The Ring (feat. BEDLESS BONES)
02. Obsession And Cure (feat. GERD VAN GEEL/THE ARCH)
03. Demon In Me (feat. THE PURGE)
04. Eternally
05. A Dark Prayer (feat. DEATH LOVES VERONICA)
06. Alibi (feat. SARA STUTTGART)
07. Sixty (feat. THEN CAME THE RAIN)
08. Rangers On The Road (feat. SU EKO/VELVET KILLS)
09. On Another's Sorrow (feat. IRIS CAPRICORN)
10. Your Voice (feat. XTR HUMAN)
11. Field Of Static (feat. SOCIAL STATION)
12. Cruel

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