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Chiasm and John Fryer: MISSED THE NOISE CD


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"Working with John [Fryer] was a completely fresh experience for me that reinvigorated my passion for writing. The opportunity arrived, thanks to COP International, at a time I wasn't sure of my next direction in music at all. I had released my solo album Reset in 2019 and I was ready for a new approach. Creating Missed The Noise was unprecedentedly fast-paced and insightful for me. I became capable of trusting my instincts and pushed my creativity forward without over-questioning. The collaboration felt easy. I loved what John did with each track, and we worked delightfully smoothly together in my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and am certain it has influenced how I will continue my art forever. I am so thankful."

And Fryer adds, "It was extremely exhilarating working with Emileigh. As soon as I heard the vocals for the first song, everything seemed to click like all of a sudden the stars aligned, and off we went on this incredible journey and ending with the wonderfully fantastical album Missed The Noise.

Released Early March 2021 by Cop International.

Track Listing:
01. Noise 04:27
02. Away 04:42
03. Frantic 05:29
04. Are You Okay? 04:34
05. Intertwined 04:35
06. Calling 04:56
07. Yours 04:08
08. Missed 05:00
09. Knocking 03:43
10. Wanted 04:22
11. Gone 04:21

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