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Sexy, stylish, cool - Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley live and breathe this triad. Visually and musically, the two globetrotters from Los Angeles are a feast for the eyes as well as ears. Almost all of the twelve songs on the album call for a midnight dance on the graves of all kinds of dark genres: Glam-induced melodies hold hands with vibrant Electro sounds, coquetting with an exceptional Dark Wave attitude and the 80s, the post-punk guitars always leaning on the puckered hip bones. This mix touches hearts and may even break a few.

When Lord Of The Lost lead Chris Harms or Marc Massive from Massive Ego take over the mic for a moment, one can’t help but feel immersed in a better world, alternating between hyperbolical cheers and deadly misery. Death Pop is when we dance anyway!
Released Late November 2022 by Out Of Line.

Tracks Listing:
01. Atrophy 
02. Raindrops (feat. Ego) 
03. The Echo 
04. The Taste 
05. Take Off Everything
06. Neverlove (feat. Chris Harms/Lord of the Lost) 
07. Incinerate 
08. Lace and Latex
09. Like a Dagger 
10. The Threshold 
11. 3.2.1. 
12. Raindrops (Nero Argento Remix)

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