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“For anyone who's a fan of dark Electronica the name CINDERGARDEN should be indelibly imprinted on your brain. If it's not, it's likely to be because you haven't yet heard the ground-breaking machinations of one Jaymie Valentine, the brain and brawn behind the whole concept, who, as well as turning out some of the most startlingly original and innovative music also turns out to be a very interesting lady.”  --Reflections of Darkness

Cindergarden is Jaymie Valentine a fiercely independent artist based in Los Angeles/California and now a veteran presence within underground music culture, having recorded and produced a prolific amount of conceptual albums in the last twelve years.

She is a singer, songwriter, keyboardist, drum programmer, arranger and producer whose work has been an uncompromising vision of complete artistry.

She released 6 albuns from 2006 to 2020 and some her award winning videoclips are really Outstanding – check them out below!

“Anthology Vol. 1” is a special compilation, that includes 18 of her best tracks, including some Classics but also brand new compositons!

Released 2021 by Shades Of Sound. 

Track Listing:
01. One By One  
02. Dirty Ritual  
03. Sad Eye Doll  
04. Bad Dreams  
05. Alibi  
06. Mire
07. The Beat Inside  
08. Hex  
09. One More Drop  
10. Lunar Phases  
11. The Light Keeps Calling
12. Big Bang Baby  
13. Angel  
14. Playthings  
15. Nothing Revealed  
16. Transformed
17. Ubiquitous  
18. Sheep


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