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One of the most exciting and creative acts on the gothic/post-punk
scene, Crying Vessel, bravely gaze into “The Abyss” with the release of their new single from their sophomore album, Pleasures For The Wicked. “The Abyss” showcases the melodic and dark romantic side of the new album, the band’s first for their new label, L.A.-based Cleopatra Records, which release the album August 14

Pleasures For The Wicked is a concept album built around being stuck between life and death, in a dark home of secrets and regrets. The songs are sometimes seamless, and tie into one another to tell a story. In the cover image, each element has its purpose, embracing symbolism like paintings of the renaissance era.

Released Mid August 2020 by Cleopatra Records.

Track Listing:
01. Auxilium 01:39
02. For God's Sake 03:57
03. The Abyss 04:24
04. Purgatorium 01:17
05. Breaking the Spell 04:26
06. Calling of the Sirens 01:05
07. Buried Alive 03:52
08. I Swear I Saw You Smile 03:43
09. Lonely Memories 04:14
10. Web of Guilt 04:14
11. Timid Moonlight 04:33
12. The Burning 04:33
13. Black Wedding 04:05
14. The Third Covenant 05:46
15. The Departed 01:59

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