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CODE SIX, is the new project of the musician Alessandro Farias, ex "Dead pop". In his new musical opus, Alessandro presents an even bigger and more mature musical baggage. It can be said, that Dead Pop was a good school, that despire the fact that it was built with very limited resources in those years, the time in which it remained active left a legacy in the darkwave /gothic scene.

CODE SIX is a project using Portuguese lyrics only (except for one track, that also includes French) and features strong elements of post-punk / darkwave and a certain SHE PAST AWAY influence. Generally good vibes, with hypnotizing rifs and well placed arrangements of good taste and deep, poetic lyrics. Something striking in this new project are the graphic arts, all of great taste and done in a very professional way by the Alessandro himself. This debut album offers a fresh post-punk style, flirting with electro wave and 80´s gothic. Songs such as Solidão, Almas, Heresia and Lágrimas are really catchy tracks and will work also on dancefloors! ‘Lágrimas’ features J-C Van Thienen from the French band VUDUVOX.

Released Late June 2020 by Wave Records.

01. Almas 
02. Solidão 
03. A Arma 
04. Máscaras 
05. Labirinto 
06. O Fim 
07. Heresia 
08. Lágrimas
09. Cão da Morte 
10. Vida Vazia 
11. A Bolha 
12. Himiko 
13 A Despedida

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